Formation Flights on Expert

If you are operating a formation or escort flight on Expert please always use the flight of X so other users can know for certain that other pilots operating near you are not trolling you. For example, tonight I saw someone trolling another user by flying super close.Other users could not tell because it would appear that it was a planned escort flight. Trolling is very much unappreciated on Expert, as many users are on Expert for a realistic flight. How are other users suppose to tell if someone is trolling you if there isn’t a standard of using Flight of X in your callsign.
I highly suggest all pilots report other users that are trolling people on the servers. Even if that user is not trolling and the flight was a planned escort it is difficult for other users to differentiate that if you are not using Flight of X.


I agree. In order to make it easier for us controllers, groups should use the “Flight of X” in their callsign when flying as a formation. If two aircraft are flying together but aren’t using “Flight of X” in their callsign, they are subject to a ghost if they are given spacing commands but instead stick together and do not follow instructions. Great post! More info on “Flight of X” can be found in @Mark_Denton’s video here.


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