Formation flight

Hey guys…I was just wondering whether formation flights are allowed on training and expert server?

Yes, I believe they are allowed. If you are in a fighter jet Just keep away from controlled airspace’s tho and avoid acrobatic maneuvers if you are near airports

If it is just a commercial flight you can fly as close to each other as you want, but again, try spreading out when landing at controlled airports.

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Ok, tnx…I’m planing to recreate the airbus 50th anniversary flight…and i wasn’t quite sure which server to choose

ES should be fine. However, obviously TS is safer cause you can’t recieve any Level 2/3 violatons.

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If you are flying very closely with other pilots, be sure to put “Flight of X” at the end of your callsign, the leader will be doing the communicating with tower


Formation flights are allowed, please edit your callsign to include “Flight of xx” also, please only have your lead aircraft contact ATC. You may land together but if you have two people requesting right after each other it’s hard to manage and annoying. It is allowed though. You may fly in a controlled airspace.

Check out this topic for more info:

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Ok, nice, thanks😁…very nice to have all these information

I saw some xcubs flying in formation today IRL.


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