Formation Flight!

Hi Everyone!

Wouldn’t it be cool to do a formation flight?
I think we should! The Event will take place at 5:00PM Zulu Time.
we will all meet at KEDW in Southern California on the ATC Playground server.
My username is jdag2004 and i will be flying a A330-300 in the Delta livery.
We will fly from KEDW over KLAX, KNUC, KSAN, KPSP and KONT. We will land at KEDW after we flew around the map. Please confirm with me so at 4:00PM Zulu Tima so that I can put everyone in a place, please also tell me what aircraft you will be flying and the livery also that i can put everyone fairly! please be there if you are gonna do the event with me! And also i will send out a pic of the route and the formation of everyone! Please only come to the event once you’ve told me!

Happy flying!

A320 American airlines

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Cool thanks see you there!

Coming!!! Wait for me!

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What Plane and airline?

Please will you tell me before the event or now need to know for planning! Thanks Jdag2004

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