Formation flight

Who want to do formation flight?

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Would be good to do a top gun salute f14’s at sunrise @S3ood_23

Don’t you need to fly an F-14 inverted over a MIG in order to do a Top Gun “salute”? ;)

:D. Exactly!

Let’s get it done :)

Where? Ksfo free server?

That sounds spot on shall we do this some time tomorrow. When you say free server do you mean ATC playground?

No. The free server that you can do anything

“Free Flight Server” is the term you are looking for.

Yes. That what I meant

So, when you want to do it

Awesome sounds good… tomorrow 11 a.m my time (thats UK) can you make that or shall we do later?

Later. Like 5pm uk

5pm UK time is perfect catch you then

Logging on now

Me too, KSFo

Shall we try again same airport… We take off you on the right hand side as lead me on the left and let’s fly straight out after departure no turns and aim for 200 kts speed so we can catch eachother and stay close… Sound like a plan?

Let me know when your ready to start

I´m on… F16

Ok 1745 free server ksfo depart out togther you on right a lead me on left fly out straight maintain 200 kts wanna try?