Formation flight spirit

Does anyone want to do a formation fight. After watching an airbus family formation fight i decided to try it out. I need four pilots for the formation and a regular spectator air craft.

🎥 Airbus Family Spirit - YouTube

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I watched the same video today. I would like to participate.
I’m experienced in piloting the A320.

Hmm are you good with the 787?

Yes but shouldn’t we fly with the airbus family ?

Hmmm i don’t fly the airbus aircraft because they aren’t optimized properly so unfortunately i have to stick with the boeing wide body. But I’ll use the A380 you use the A320

Alright, we need to plan a flight and a day when we can do this. What time zone are you ?

Im in nyc, what are you doing right now? Let’s do a quick flight together.

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I don’t have that region anymore. Meet me on the training server kpsp. I’ll be at gate 10 callsign SHAZZAAM

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i will join

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