Formation Flight Photos

As a SAS A350 was on final to Newark Liberty, I decided to use an F-14 and guide them on their final app.

Server: Expert
Callsigns; Marine 1, SAS909


Love the photos! Next time, I would recommend doing this in the training server! It’s just due to safety, when there is a commercial plane on final being escorted by a F22 it can pose safety issues and sometimes annoy pilots. If you like Formation flying, I would join GAF! They teach you to properly formation fly! My lesson here is to just be careful when escorting, you really should be at cruising altitude.


I tried this morning, but I don’t know if it worked. After I submitted a photos of my XP, Flight Time, ETC, I didn’t receive any sort of conformation that my application went through.

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Most likely they did get it. I would contact a GAF recruiter. Look on their thread!


Didn’t see anything with your name on it… when did you apply ? @Zigler_AviationYT