Formation Flight Over the Region With the Best Scenery in the World: Patagonia

Hello, people of the IFC! Today I wanted to share some images that were taken last week during a formation flight with @TaipeiGuru. We decided to take advantage of the ATC schedule and fly around the southern tip of Argentina, called Patagonia. The views and scenery were stunning, and we just couldn’t resist sharing it!

Flight Details

Route: SAWC-SAWH (El Calafate to Ushuaia)
Aircraft: Aerolineas Argentinas, B737-800
Date: 15 Mar 2020

Saying goodbye to El Calafate as we lift off of the runway with a beautiful blue lake in the background!

Making our way to the western border of Argentina. It’s time to start overflying some snowy peaks!

Turning south towards Ushuaia, and beginning the straightest stretch of the route.

Formation time! We sidled up next to each other in order to get the best shot possible.

Same shot, different angle. The mountains still look fantastic, though.

Banking left in order to make our way east towards the airport.

More pictures of our bank. Look at those mountains!

Got a nice sunset shot as we begin our descent into Ushuaia.

The sun sets even further as we make our way onto final approach.

Here we are on final. What a wonderful journey!

Which of the following are true about Ushuaia and Patagonia in general? Pick three answers, one of them is incorrect.

  • The Southernmost City in the World
  • A Very Rural City
  • “The City at the End of the World”
  • One of the top 10 favorite places in the world is Torres Del Paine National Park, shown in Picture #6.

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I will give the answers in 24 hours from now. That is 2020-03-22T19:30:00Z.

Also, choose your favorite picture!

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Thanks for viewing! Feedback is appreciated.
See you all in the skies!


Thank you @TaipeiGuru for an awesome formation flight!

Stay tuned everyone! The “SB110-T-AIPEI Formation Group” will showcase again soon about a formation over the wonderful Swiss Alps!

Wow! Incredibly done!

Thank you! @TaipeiGuru, c’mon, chime in! You deserve the credit too!!

If I must… thanks, @Sashaz55. ;)

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This route is a must if you think the Alps or New Zealand is good enough…

Having been to Patagonia, this captures it so well! Awesome job!

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Thank you! :D

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Wow those pics were amazing

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Thank you!

The correct answers were:

The Southernmost City in the World

“The City at the End of the World”

One of the top 10 favorite places in the world is Torres Del Paine National Park, shown in Picture #6.

And those three won!

Great job, everyone!