Formation Flight Over the Canadian Rockies!

Today, I flew a sunset formation flight in the beautiful Canadian Rockies with @Dweeam

Flight Info

Server: Casual

Ready for taxi!

Lining up on the runway with the sun setting in the background


Soaring through the sunset

Close Formation Flight

Flying Over a Lake as we enter downwind for arrival

On Base for landing

Gear Down!

Short Final

Engines off and doors open after a wonderful flight!

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Cool pictures!

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They look amazing well done!

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Really nice captures! Nothing wrong with some subtle editing (brightness, colour balance etc) but I really don’t think these need much!

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“Canadian Rockies”
Idaho Rockies- “am I a joke to you?” Lol.

Nice pics though any “mountain is a good mountain”- IFC @juan_tavares

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I said Canadian Rockies because I though if I just said rockies, everyone would assume the flight was in Colorado or Idaho or Wyoming

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No I know I was just playing man.

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Oh that makes more sense lol

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