Formation Flight Over Mexico City - Video

Formation Flight Over Mexico City

On July 28th, 2020, two friends and I decided to recreate a Formation flight, flying all over Mexico City just as the real Mexican Military Parade that occurs every September 16th.

We planned the route about 3 hours prior to our departure because we had to take into account weather conditions and traffic around the airport.

The plan was to take off from Santa Lucia Air Force Base, the do some holding patterns to get close to each other. Once we got close, we were heading towards SMO VOR at an altitude of 9100ft. Once we reached SMO VOR, we turned left towards Chapultepec, and once over Chapultepec, we turned left towards Mexico City International Airport where we planned to make a Low Pass. Six nautical miles away from MEX VOR, we made a slow rate 270° turn to our right to end up heading downtown Mexico City. Once in that heading, before reaching the Chiquihuite mountain in front of us, we separated from each other and started climbing away from Mexico City heading now to Zapopan Air Force Base in Jalisco. We ended up landing in Zapopan an hour and a half later into our flight.

The flight was done at about 13:00 Local time (UTC + 5) in the Expert Server respecting all rules during our formation. The flight didn’t interfere with active traffic in the area.

Our friends and I wanted to have a nice memorial about our flight, so we decided to give the recording to our editor who kindly made us this video and we’d love to share it with you. We wish you like it!

737 Formation Flight over Mexico City - Infinite Flight - YouTube


This is awesome, love the 3 ship

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