Formation flight over Lake Ontario

@MisterButler and I decided to fly to Ottawa yesterday. I was feeling a bit spontaneous and wanted to do a formation flight. As a proud @VirtualPorter member, I decided to take some photos of their beautiful aircraft. These are my first photos; compliments and criticisms are appreciated.

Flight information

Server: Expert
Flight time : 00:52 avg

An introduction to the glorious Q400. Plans were made at this point.

A photo of me taking off (off centreline!) with my mate in the background.

B E A U T I F U L Toronto and its harbour. Oh, the memories.

After a lot of planning, we were able to get into a tight formation near Oshawa. This photo was taken in the moment…

And this one was taken afterward.

Here’s the obligatory sunset shot (time edited afterward)

Butler decided to go ahead of me after we split our formation, and he spotted my landing. (I flared way too much)

And the gentle whirr of the Q400 comes to an end.


That looks fun! Great pictures, I like the raw images without too much editing! Group flights are great, especially formation flights!

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Really great photos. For a first time, I think you nailed it ;)

Maybe just delete the line at the start 😂

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Those are some nice photos, I love formation flights!

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AHAHAHA it got pretty scary real quick once we started nearing each other

But yes it was a hella fun flight

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