Formation flight on 26.12.2018, A-10 Thunderbolt

  • Aircraft and Livery:A-10 Thunderbolt, any livery

  • Route: PHNL to PHTO

  • Time of Departure: 26.12.2018, 13.00 UTC

  • Server:Training

  • **Additional Information:**We make some Formation flying: First we will fly in a row (pretty easy) ;then we fly in a V like birds; then we will fly in a rectangle and finally we will land on PHTO. You have to wait and ask the ATC for landing, so who will be our ATC? Two places are there, only PHNL and PHTO, so you need to be fast if you want to be ATC.
    Taxi Speed:20, Climb: Speed 180, VS 1200 Cruise Height:2000 Landing and descend speed,130
    Our leader will be IQ300, so follow him.
    For the gates: there are only the gates 1-34, so say if you want to join. I will add more if more join.
    I will repeat this event if you want!
    Already thanks for joining!

Sorry but group flights need to happen within 3 hours of being posted! Also your title is in the incorrect format!

Please see this post which explains the rules of this category