Formation Flight @ KEDW - 201700ZFEB16

Hi Everyone!

Wouldn’t it be cool to do a formation flight?
I think we should! The Event will take place at 5:00PM Zulu Time.
we will all meet at KEDW in Southern California on the ATC Playground server.
My username is jdag2004 and i will be flying a A330-300 in the Delta livery.
We will fly from KEDW over KLAX, KNUC, KSAN, KPSP and KONT. We will land at KEDW after we flew around the map. Please confirm with me so at 4:00PM Zulu Tima so that I can put everyone in a place, please also tell me what aircraft you will be flying and the livery also that i can put everyone fairly! please be there if you are gonna do the event with me! And also i will send out a pic of the route and the formation of everyone! Please only come to the event once you’ve told me! This event will take place on Saterday! We will be doing this in honor of the app and the hard work put into it! If anyone wants to practice we can practice at 7:50PM Zulu time on Friday:)

Happy flying!


Thursday ZULU right?

On Saterday… Will you be joining? If you are joining please confirm and tell me what plane you will be flying! Thanks Jdag2004:)

I’d love to do a formation flight but i cant join on Saturday
(When You fly the formation don’t forget to add Flight Of______ to callsign and have a lead aircraft to contact ATC)

Oh thanks! tell me when you available and maybe we could another one:)

Of Course :)

Matt may join ;)

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I try to come but i am not sure if i am free

Wouldn’t that be amazing! Are you gonna join?

What plane and livery if you gonna come( that would be amazing)!

Possibly, not sure yet

Thanks you! Will you confirm with me if you are gonna come:)

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I want to come in the A319 delta ivery

Ok thanks!:)

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I am not shure if i’m free becous i am eaten maby

Ok even if you join in late just look for me on the map and say on the community and I will slow down the flyby and let you join!:) We would probably only be at KLAX of on the way to KNUC:)

Ok, i look for you guys and i spawn at tbe closest airport and takoff and then fly with you guys

Ok, thank you! Looking forward to flying with you guys!

Are you gonna join in?

For me it’s not possible to come becous i have to eat then, if it was one hour earlyer i was free, i try to join your next event
I’m sorry