Formation flight in New York

Hello all!
Anyone interested in doing a formation flight?
Preferably Cessna 208 and in the New York region.
For anyone interested, let me know and it can be large or small

Yeah I’ll join you, just say when and where. Also welcome to the forum 😀

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Thanks! So Cessna 208 generic livery and meet in the free flight server at klga my call sign is N262EW. Tell me when your ready!

Let’s go now

Ok see you there!

What gate should I spawn in?

Gate A3 and follow my formation

We’ll fly to khpn and go from there

We are going the wrong way then

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No switch to khpn Unicom, we’re going to runway 34

Where to next?

Idk to pick

Lol I saw that 😂😂

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😂 I thought I was going back to Klga… Off to kpou

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When we reach kpou that will be our final destination

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Stong winds heads up

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Yeah I know. It’s very bumpy up here

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Nice flying with you

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Great flight. Hope everybody enjoyed and I’d love to do it in a different region. See you all later!

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