Formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @KRIC 171515ZNOV19

A formation flight from Richmond international airport to John F. Kennedy international airport. Aircraft:F-22 set speed:300kts set altitude:10,000 feet formation:front,diagonal left,diagonal right,and back

What server?

Hello @Justin_Mease!

If you would like people flying with you I would change this to a group flight! Please read the rules before you post a topic.

The sever is in casual

Hey! Sounds like a nice idea, I moved this to the correct category which is the #live:groupflights category could you please follow the requirements and maybe take a look at the other thread? Thanks.

A Guide To Creating Group Flights

Ok Ryan1872

Zulú time?

11:15 EST time

Ok right now

ICAO airport?

no KRIC airport

Have fun at KRIC! It’s my home airport

No way! It’s mine to I live like 20 minutes away

Oh wow! I though KRIC was no ones home airport other than mine and infinite nicks 😂

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Ha yeah that’s so cool I didn’t know anybody else on IFC lived near there

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@LongHaulGuy A group flight topic is not the place to ask someone to join your event. And I’m not being mean I learned a few months ago 😂.

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So dose anybody want to do the formation flight

I’m down if you still want to? Or did you already??

No I have not done it yet but we can do it now if you want

Aaaanddd meeeee. :) I’ll consider joining if you’re still up for this flight. I’ll use a Delta CRJ-900, as that’s what they use on that real flight. You can still use the F-22, though.

Oh ok yeah so what gate do you want