Formation Flight @ EDDK - 202307ZOCT16

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDDK

Aircraft: Bombardier Q400 - Bombardier Livery

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: Fly formation with me! Copy my flight plan after you spawn at EDDK, we will be flying to EBBR

Would you mind if fly in the Spitfire? If not see at 2300z

If I am home, I will try to make this!

I also want to shoot a few photos, so the spitfire would be a bit odd.

#The event will begin at 2307Z, 7 minutes later.

Fair enough, it’s your event that’s why I asked. I hope you get a good turnout. Good luck

Event starting!

Anyone there please fly at 245knots at 14 000ft.
Don’t forget to copy my flight plan.

Ascend to 19 000 feet.

Thanks to everyone that came!

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Thats me isn’t it

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