Formation flight anyone?? Air Force One entourage

Anyone want to accompany me from Andrews AFB >> Philadelphia (KPHL)? Requesting 2-3 fighter jets (F-22 or F-16C) to depart asap

When? Do you want to take off

In about 10 minutes I would like to start taxiing

On which server TS or expert

Training server should work just fine :)

Ok I’m just about to load IF picking up jet f22

We will take off runway 01L - climb to FL12 - copy my flight plan

I am parked at the Airforce Gate - fly either side of me and takeoff right behind me

Hold still can’t find airport my call I’d is C957HL

The airport code is KADW

Ok going there now I see that I’m not alone

Nope we have company!!

I’m outside your right side

Harold let’s have you take off first then me then the other two

That’s fine I make the announcement

220 knots until FL10 then 320kts

Thanks for sticking with me haha

I’m at 320kts and FL12

Let’s have 2 land before and 2 after me!! :)

Land runway 26 right traffic