Formation Flight #3

Yes, another formation flight. My last formation flight (#2) was very successful

I am going to fly around the New York region for about 40 minutes, airport is going to be Teterboro, KTEB.

Cruising altitude - 8000 feet
Speed - 180 kts (Airspeed)
Airport -Teterboro (KTEB)
Copy my flight plan
Takeoff in 20 minutes
If I fly very closely across your aircraft, it means I want you attention, look at my fpl if I changed it or start decending (at -1000fpm)
And have fun!

I will be parked at GA 1
You can be parked at GA 2
Aircraft : you choose but has to be an aircraft with autopilot, just tell me :)


Waiting for 5 minutes more

Ok, last chance, if you want to join, spawn now.

Sorry, I forgot to tell, Expert server!
Really sorry

Good bye, see you there, if someone will come.

Waiting another 10 minutes, hoping that someone will come xD

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I’ve spawned in at gate 2 in an A-10.

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Great! I’ll right there!

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I’ll spawn in gate 3 this time do a shorter flight plan

Anyone else, last chance.

Great! Welcome onboard again :)

Ok, starting now, good bye!

Any chance that you can give the community advanced noticed to join in on these random events. You will definitely get a lot more pilots if you lay the groundwork allotting ample time for people to join. Kind Regards ;)

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@Hyyyyy2317 sorry I got disconnected and then IF crashed :c No violation, just internet turned off

You know that Carson does the exact same thing with his Spontaneous flights, right? Yes, I am aware that I will get more people to join when I make on in advance :)

Yessir, fully understand and I’m not here to discredit your efforts. Just sharing some tips from experience so that you are not the sole pilot on a tarmac for 29 minutes waiting for folks. Be Safe, Chris

Wait a minute, are you still flying?

Yeah, I was flying to you from Teterboro again, did you disconnect?

No, because I didn’t see you for a long time.

Did you now? Please don’t say yes :(