Formation Flight #2

My last formation flight wasn’t very successful,

I want to try it again in Seattle region on the Expert Server.

Cruising altitude : 12,000 feet
Aircraft: A-10
Speed 180 kts

I will be giving the gates and the name of the airport in one minute.
We will be flying around the Seattle region for about 40 minutes or more

I can join you, what gate and airport are we flying too?

Airport will be in KFBI, boeing field and my gate will be at boeing military bay 1.
If someone wants to join park the number 2

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Around the region and maybe land at Portland or Seattle Tacoma.

Don’t forget
And copy my flight plan
See you there

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When is this? I’d like to join (-:

When, where, what aircraft?

This should be a formal event, see the #live:events category for information on how to produce a proper, informative event thread.


Yeah^^ I kind of think it should be in the events

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If you agree with something… leave a like. Not complicated.


As mentioned by others, this qualifies as an Event and should follow the stated guidelines for #live:events - it will probably help you make it more successful too!