Formal Complaint against an air traffic controller

Hello everyone,

I know this should be posted in ATC appeals but I am not allowed to post there for some reason. I would like to file a formal complaint against ATC controller @Kyle for not providing appropriate reaction time and treating my flight as an approach despite being a departure.

I was taking off from ESSB’s short runway close to MTOW on a 757 and the tower controller directed me to @Kyle in which I promptly responded, changed my frequency and checked in since I was flying IFR. Kyle told me to maintain 2000ft after I crossed it and did not give me enough time to react as I was switching from manual to autopilot. I immediately requested to ascend to FL330 to correct his mistake and give me enough time to react in case he still wants me to desend to 2000ft. Kyle did not respond to me at all neither did he give me enough time to react to his request and immediately gave me a level 3 violation without warning. The main issue is that all of this happened within 10 seconds and I was doing most of the communication with no communication back from him before the violation. Has he told me again to fly at 2000 ft I would have reacted appropriately. The violation was uncalled for as I have been flying in infinite flight for almost 10 years and have never disobeyed ATC. I also passed the ATC written exam and during my studying I was made aware to warm pilots and also give them reasonable reaction times before violating them. @Kyle should be aware that I was taking off a heavy plane from short runway and was ascending with a high momentum and basic physics dictate that he should either have given me a higher altitude (eg 3000ft) or enough time to react and respond to my altitude change request with either an acceptance or a rejection before giving me a violation. Furthermore, quickly changing the flight’s pitch in the way Kyle expects me to could risk my plane stalling. I am willing to upload my flight’s recording to further clarify what happened.

I also recommend @Kyle to review the ATC manual provided on this forum.


Hello! Please PM if you have any concerns. Thanks!


Hey man, forum is not the place to post this bro. Please pm @Kyle so you can get all of it sorted out as he has said above:)