Formal apology to Amsterdam schipol airport and it’s runways

KLM city hopper E190
1 hr 47 minutes

Normal takeoff

Terminal and plane

1st go around because I’m high

Second go around FLOATING ALERT 🚨

Looking good! APPR because of 30 knot crosswinds

Please don’t trust APPR

This is why I am apologizing to runway 22 “Oostbaan” and runway 27 Buitenveldertbaan
Please don’t use APPR and have this embarrassment happen to you

This post was the idea of my friend @Wonderousbuilder641


Were you on Casual server?

Expert server!!

i think u were supposed to divert with 30knots


My philosophy is to divert if I go around more than 3 times

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30 knots is pretty windy, but safe operations are still possible with this. Proper crosswind technique and configurations help with gusty conditions. The use of APPR during these conditions however…not likely. The autopilot will only do so much to recover, plus I don’t even think it’s used in winds like that to begin with. The oscillations will only get more and more out of control.

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Delta Airlines Flight 134: are you winning son?

For a high wind landing I’d never do :)

Idk how to answer

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I’ll start planning the funeral. RIP

(yes ik this is bad lol)

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I would imagine what will happen if the Team actually modeled the F-okker 100 on the roof

Just some friendly advice, I would change this to something like “1st go around because I was too high on approach”. I took the caption way out of context initially.