Forgotten Richmond [3 attending] @KRIC 141700ZDEC19

Hello IFC! My home airport is KRIC and I almost never see people there. It’s like it’s been completely, well, forgotten. I thought it would be a good idea to make an event to celebrate Richmond and how cool it can be! I hope this event (and hopefully more to come) will make more people want to fly to Richmond on a daily basis! Let’s make Richmond special!

About Richmond Airport:

Terminal A

A1 - KCLT - A319 - American -
A2 - KORD - Crj-700 - American -
A3 - KFLL - E190 - JetBlue -
A4 - KBOS - E190 - JetBlue -
A5 - KDFW - 738 - American -
A6 - KMCO - A320 - JetBlue -
A7 - KPHL - Crj-700 - American
A8 - KMIA - Crj-700 - American

Terminal B

B1 - KDEN - A319 - United -
B2 - KEWR - Crj-700 - United - @ButterAllDay
B3 - KIAD - Crj-200 - United -
B4 - KATL - 739 - Delta - @LongHaulGuy
B5 - KATL - 738 - Southwest -
B6 - KDTW - Crj-900 - Delta -
B7 - KIAH - E170 - United -
B8 - KJFK - Crj-700 - Delta -
B9 - KLGA - Crj-700 - Delta -
B10 - KMCO - A320 - Spirit -
B11 - KSRQ - A320 - Allegiant - @Justin_Mease
B12 - KBNA - A320 - Allegiant -
B13 - KORD - Crj-700 - United -
B14 - KEWR - Crj-700 - United -
B15 - KATL - 739 - Delta -

I hope people can join! KRIC deserves some love, and I think many can agree!

Server: Expert

Airport: KRIC

Time: 2019-12-14T17:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in at 1445Z (15 mins prior to start) to get prepped.


Alright sounds good!

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Oops, never mind. I have tennis then. If you could host it 2 hours later I would come.

I can do that!

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Ok, keep me on the list then! Thanks!

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I am the one exception. 😉


Want a gate?

We need more people! Feel free to join!

Hi I was wondering if I could participate in this event because having Richmond airport as my home airport I think this would be really cool so if so could I please have gate B11 and in a Boeing 737-700

No 737’s operate to SRQ out of Richmond. Is the A320 still ok?

Oh sorry my bad. Yeah sure an A320 is good what about the livery

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Oh ok but I hope this isn’t to much to ask but I don’t have the expert server but do you think maybe you could move it to the training server

I’ll put you on the list. If you can try to get to grade 3 that would be awesome. If absolutely needed I’ll change the server.

Ok thank you so much

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Hi I was wondering if you could help me get to grade 3 so like I might need you to report me or something but I don’t know what happens when you get reported

Feel free to join! Plenty of gates left!

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