Forgotten by Approach into MMMX

Tonight, Argentine 683 vectored by MMMX Approach, all good, on GPS, transition to tower, good localizer, execute go around, ok Wilco (but why?), tower says contact Approach, Approach sends me off into upwind oblivion ASL 250, check in to Approach, not a word, forgotten. Bummer. Wondering if it was me. Busy airspace but I was definitely forgotten I think. Just feedback. IF is great anyway and hats off to IFATC.


If you provide your callsign, display name and time this occured (in UTC) then this feedback will be able to get to the correct people. Sorry that happened.

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Argentine 683, WrongWayRay, about 11:30UTC.


That is an ironic display name, I shall pass this along. :)


Well, it’s sometimes appropriate. 😁


Would like to know if I did something wrong. Grade 5, 2.1 million XP, 3500 hours, but happy to learn more.


That’s never done on purpose.

I agree. Probably an oversight. No problem. Just wondering what happened. Great respect for IFATC folks, hard work and dedication to the sim.


Just confirming, by 11:30 UTC you mean 11:30PM UTC / 23:30 UTC?

Yes, about an hour ago. MMMX ATC active tonight.

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Would appreciate instructions on how to contact tower and Approach operators directly in these instances. I’d rather have a productive dialogue with the operators and maybe learn something than posting publicly. No intention to disparage.


If you’re having trouble finding the controller you can go and find them on this list I made, their display name on IF should be similar to their IFC username. Once you find them just message them via their profile.

If you can’t find them there then message the moderators via PM and they’ll find them.

This is probably off-topic, however i think it is incredible that you have 2.1M XP! Great job brother.

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Thanks, this is helpful, asked moderator to add me to the list.

Well, thanks Alex. I fly real life but IF is great. One of a kind.

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Do you have a screenshot from your replay after 0012Z?

I have you over the airport around 0008 or 0009 then heading northeast, but no readings after 0012.

Perhaps there was server disconnection or something which would explain why you received no response to the checkin.

I had this last night with a plane on downwind. He disappeared just as I was about to turn his base. Then I went back over the replay for something else and noticed that he had landed and taxied to parking and everything, invisible to me the entire time.

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Aeromexico 849 heavy was a phantom plane. Somehow we were both vectored at the same time to the same runway, which explains the tower instruction for me to go around. Approach then sent me to 250 alt and way off into the NE.

Hi Ray
I was tower, you correctly identified you were sent around because of the aircraft ahead, I also noticed it was approx 10 minutes before I closed, approach closed at the same time.

Hi Paul, I didn’t see Aeromexico 849 at all and wondered why the go around, now I know, thanks! Even on my ATC transcript this flight doesn’t even show up until he contacts you on tower. I see nothing when he’s in comm with Approach, not even his localizer instructions. Strange I was vectored 020 and climb to 250 by Approach. Seemed like a weird instruction, reasonable heading but very high altitude even considering MMMX alt. I really appreciate that you contacted me. Thank you so much!