Forgotten but still alive

Forgotten but still alive

Yeah. It definitely is the forgotten one.
Nobody cares about it.
It can be so beautiful.
You can have also fun with it.
But everything you could have already done with it
is still in the future.
Why you all don’t give him a chance.
Make people smile.
Have fun with your friends.

It doesn’t matter.
The ignorance was and always will be there.
I just wanted to let you know this aircraft exists.
And maybe, someday, when you guys open your eyes.
You will miss what you could already have done with it in the past.
After reading this you want to know what it is.
But considerate people know what I’m talking about.

I suggest not to click if you’re sensitive.

Final message
It’s even worse than
any other aircraft except
the C-17 as this one doesn’t even have a cockpit.
Considerate guys will click here.
For the rest:

@German_Pilot out.


And guess what? It’s the only free fighter…