Forgotten: An Infinite Flight Movie

*Anti-mod & mini-mod*

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Various
Liveries: Various

I felt like I had to make this movie… Here is a bunch of diverse and unusual liveries I rarely see people flying. Here’s just a few of them, there’s a whole lot more to explore! I hope you like it!

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Post below how many of them you knew were in the sim!

Challenge: One of the videos is reused from another of my movies. Can you find which and from which movie?


Bet that took a lot of hard work! Great job on it!

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Usually I try to fly those forgotten liveries but schedule has been really cruel :/
Very nice video tho :)

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Thank you both!


Amazing video! I’d say I knew about 30 percent of the planes shown

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that old air portugal livery 👌👌👌

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Amazing video @AvionesYJuegos, very well made!

I think it’s safe to say I haven’t flown some of those airlines. 😂

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Great work! I know how long editing takes and how many times I’d have given up if I wasn’t pushed by my friends.

As for liveries, I’ve flown the PIA and China Airlines just recently

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