Forgotten 2 - An Infinite Flight Film

*What's the deal with all that info? Just enjoy the movie!*

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Various
Livery: Various

i had this ready since last december, but… if you know you know… 💀

Just as the previous one, this one features another host of liveries most people didn’t know were in Infinite Flight (in addition to the 2 planes (P-38 and Spitfire) which I see flying around once in never)!

Without further ado, enjoy!

Post below how many you knew were in IF!

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Welcome back to the IFC! You were missed!


Typical @Rolls giving me a 0 😂

Thanks man! I missed this place!


Very nice movie you made! @AvioesEJogos

Nice to see you around here again :D


Welcome back to the IFC @AvioesEJogos!!

Good to have you back and well being you!

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Thank you very much, Colouradoan! ❤

You’re not going to continue this here!


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Oh yes I will

Welcome back Sir Airport! ;)

Very nice movie indeed…

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shhhh 😂

Thanks man!

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Awesome film! Glad to see you back here even though i wasn’t here back then 😅

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Not gonna lie, about 75% of those liveries and aircraft combo’s i see fly often, you just have to be flying near or around the airports they are based and you see them all the time. plus i fly the Spit like every 2nd day lol

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Well I guess it’s just you then, not often that I see some random IF 787 or KLM 767 flying around

Finally someone who appreciates the old planes!

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Fair, yeah love all the old stuff. plus i have over 3000 hrs on the spit so would consider myself one of the top flyers of the aircraft here on the IFC

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You’re forgetting me and my old plane flying Jogos!

You fly old planes since? That’s right, never!

I fly the Spit and P38

I smell lies

Casual server right now you and me!

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It’s nice to see these liveries getting some recognition. :)