Forgetting to close doors

I’ve just departed Heathrow to Dubai on expert server and on departure i saw yet another person on expert server forget to close his doors. Why does this keep happening? I’ve even seen grade 5s doing it recently.

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Grade isn’t an indication of skill, it’s an indication of dedication. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop these pilots from flying with their doors open, so we will just have to let it be for the time being.


There is a glitch where doors on some people’s aircraft appear to be open even if they aren’t. Same with strobe lights and spoilers.


Maybe there were a load of cats being transported on the previous flight and they just wanted to air out the cargo hold.


Oh really l? I didn’t know there was a glitch. Is this only recent then?

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I wouldn’t call it recent. It’s been here for quite some time.


We’re just testing a new advanced A/C system, nothing to worry about folks. 😉


No probs dude thanks

I also think it’s a glitch but besides that, the people with higher grades are often, not always of course, people who just “farm” flight time and XP… I don’t know if it fulfills them to fly all the time and to some it seems that XP define how good you are as a person (my experience)… Because they fly all the time they also don’t really care about preparation as long as they get off the ground quickly so they get more XP


Was the plane a DC-10? Because I don’t think they forgot to close their doors

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No that exploded open during flight

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