Forgetting the beauty of the skies

Because of the pandemic, I have simply forgotten how beautiful it is to be flying at 37,000’.

Although some simulators show how amazing it is up there, there is nothing like seeing it in real life.

I am currently writing this in Greece and the trip here was AMAZING.

I also was able to go into the cockpit when we had parked however I didn’t take any pictures and information:

Airplane: Airbus A320
Cruise: 37,000
Airline: EasyJet

Here are some pictures:


Gotta love that anvil cloud, good thing you weren’t going there.

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The smell of jet fuel and the sound rain on the ramp just equals some serious nostalgia for me. So I love your first picture. My dad taking me up for a cruise around on the weekends, breaking above the clouds and, boom, sunny day! 🌧 ⛅️ ☀️ Just absolutely love it!

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Lovely feeling being above the clouds 😍 Great photos!

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Yeah! Saw quite a few

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That’s right!

Thanks very much!

Forgotten: Nah.
Missed: Greatly :(

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Very true.

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