Forgetting something.

Has anyone forgot to put down gear before? I have once. It was the most perfect approach ever and after I flare. Bang! Crash! At first I was like what and I look at the replay and I didn’t put the gear down!


That must have been a huge disappointment after a nice flight. :l


It hasn’t happened to me. I double check every time to make sure everything is down. I make sure the gears down, the flaps are down, the seatbelt sign is on, and the lights are on


This was back before I got live so no one saw it.

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This happened to me some two weeks back though once after a 1hour flight in a citation…i was so dissapointed…i was like How did i forget such an important thing :/ i think just like we have sink rate warnings a checklist will do good too

That’s why what I do is that when I’m 5nm from the airport I double check everything

Sometimes I forget to pull the gear up, and then I wonder why I can’t reach cruising altitude


List of things I forget:

  1. The speed violations under 10,000 ft. The warnings are a lifesaver
  2. Sometimes I forget to turn on strobes when crossing the hold short line and I correct myself on the runway

That’s exactly what I forget too

Many… Many… Many times. Especially when doing patterns. I think the worst was after 1hour of flying and I landed at PHNL without gear… With ATC…

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I’ve only forgot gear once. I forget my strobes, landing lights, and seat belt signs very commonly.

I did a kissed approach cause i forgot the landing gears and caught it at the last second

This happened to me on Freeflight at KLAX in an F-14 (Default):


  • climbed to FL500 (I know, it’s crazy)
  • nose dived down to KLAX at Mach 2+ (even crazier, I know)
  • So I was going to do a low and fast flyby, and I landed at Mach 2 with no gear! Yes, at MACH 2!
  • I went so fast that I was able to takeoff again! (No flaps) I even had an audience, a Delta 772 and a Delta 763

😂 Worst but most hilarious mistake I’ve done in my life! 😂


I never forget to deploy on final, but I sometimes forget to retract, especially on short flights when I’m already thinking about landing.

Forgot it once! ;)

One time, I was approaching an airport. I landed and thought “why is my plane braking too fast?” Then I realized I forgot my landing gear 😂

Me. Check my profile picture. It happened when I was testing the new A321. I forgot to put the gear down because I was focused on checking how good was the APPR flare.

I was practicing on the tower at WSSS and realized that a A380 on short final has the gear up. Immediately, I called for a go around, which was promptly confirmed.
But… not performed!
The plane got obviously stuck in the middle of the runway. After a long silence, the pilot transmitted an embarrassing “Thank you”… and disappeared.
Tower can save your flight, sometimes. 🙂
Happy landings


I felt really stupid too, 'cause when the gear is up, you won’t hear the altitude being called out, which I didn’t notice. ;)