Forgetting about the Landing Gear

If u land without gear and don’t crash, I’m disappointed in IF.


Well, you don’t necessarily crash in real life if you don’t have you gears extended. So it’s the same in IF. At all depends on your V/S.


Fair enough, but I’m sure in real life u don’t lift back off


For some reason in arefoly fs 2 I’ve done this a lot of times but never in infinite flight 🤔.

Infinte flights Ui obviously must be better (does saying that give me free live 🤣).


You can’t do that in IF either :) So it’s pretty realistic tbh.

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Seems as if u can. Land and take off without landing gear.

You’ll have to be at quite the high speed for it to be possible, above V2.

thankfully in real life you’ll get a gpws “too low gear” 😂


Haha, i had a scenario last week where i was about land without the landing gears. I in the last moments at the very end of short final noticed that and had to force a sudden go-around… don’t think my passengers will fly with me again and since i don’t hand out refund either… 😂

How in the hell can you guys forget landing gear? (LOL)
I only forgot to raise the flaps once actually, on a record breaking flight from hong kong to london… luckily i made it to london with 5 ton of fuel to spare

It has only happened once in the past 8 months.
I guess it was like 5am and i almost fell asleep during landing, the fatigue hit me hard 😝

In-Flight Assistant also has GPWS.
“Too low! Gear!” is very helpful.


Thanks for the mention! Forgetting to lower the landing gear can happen to everyone. Using checklists will not only make sure you don’t forget anything essential like the gear, but small details too!


I’ve done it accidentally and on purpose. There’s always that awkward moment when you’re stuck on he runway without gear, and there’s a line of people waiting to take off

I’ve done it accidentally before, but now I rely on the gear to help me slow down to my landing speed

It happened to me today, it was sad because I buttered that landing. I didn’t realize until I looked outside because I couldn’t slow down properly.

Only 1 time I did. It was because I flew a 737 after flying only the Cessna 208 for a month. So, I got used to not having to do it.

Trying to land a 747 without gear is probably impossible. You need the additional drag to slow it down. Even with the throttles pulled back to idle you still have 4 engines generating a lot of thrust

This happened to me during my event, I accidentally tapped the gear button twice and jammed the button (I was on approach and it stayed yellow but the gear wasn’t down), most embarrassing moment ever especially when you’re the host.

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