Forever Moving Forward - My Journey with Infinite Flight

When one door closes, another one opens...

Well my friends, fellow brothers and sisters on the Infinite Flight Community, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that today is the end of my Infinite Flight subscription. I intended to do my final flight today since my home airport, VHHH was featured, but I was a few hours too late :(

The Story

(It's long, didn't want to clog the thread)

I am not the most veteran Infinite Flight player, only joining in the Christmas of 2018. I was always interested in planes as a kid but never really took this whole “flight simming” thing seriously - the most I would do is download some bogus and definitely not very realistic game on the app store, and have a crack at it when I had the time on my mom’s phone.

This holiday season, however, when I was visiting my friend he introduced me to infinite flight (I believe he too has since stopped playing, due to life and stuff). I remember my first reaction was something along the lines of “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”; I knew I wanted to try it out for myself, so with some parental persuasion, I purchased Infinite Flight, and soon after a live subscription, for the very first time.

I spent most of my holiday tinkering about with my new hobby, coming to grips with the different aircraft, watching tutorials on ATC, and of course, pretending to know what I was doing on the casual server. It wasn’t long before I found the IFC and got my account. I amazed at just how friendly and welcoming this community was as a whole. Everyone was nice, answering my questions politely and linking me to the relevant tutorials. This made my transition to the expert server very seamless, and to this day, I boast only 9 violations and 0 total ghosts!

As I got slightly bored of flying, I turned my attention to controlling, training and eventually joining IFATC in the October of 2019. Once again, I was blown away at the friendliness of everyone there, and the slack discussions channel served as my place for up to date news, controlling tips, memes and laughs.

As the Christmas of 2019 rolls around, marking my one year anniversary, for some reason I wanted to look for more. I wanted an even more realistic experience to up my passion for aviation. Similarly the previous holiday season, I got hooked on YouTube tutorials and streamers on the likes of XP11 and P3D, flying from A to B on networks like VATSIM, complete with vocal ATC and almost completely realistic procedures.

Thanks to some saving, generous family members and also (maybe) good grades, I managed to invest in a PC sim, some small addons and joined the Vatsim network for the very first time. This one was much more daunting than IF, let me tell you. Nonetheless, as I studied tutorials and prepared myself well, it went very smoothly, the controllers were very friendly, and I landed safely (though not smoothly oops) on my first flight.

This past month I have been spending more and more time on VATSIM and less time on IF, simply because well, it gave me the more realistic and thus more fun environment to flightsim in. I do not wish to criticise IF, no - IF is an amazing sim, remarkable considering it runs on mobile devices, but unfortunately, it simply is not for everybody. With all the money I spent on premium desktop sim addons (They are very very expensive in contrast to IF), I just couldn’t justify stretching my budget anymore, and as my subscription came to an end on February 19th, I knew it was time, sadly, to move on.

Am I leaving forever? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that at this current time, I just cannot afford to continue subscribing to IF. I’ll still be lurking around the forum, maybe checking out the updates every once in a while, and feel free to shoot me a pm if you want to ask me anything about this transition from IF to VATSIM. Who knows, I might be back on the IF servers again one day!

Very Special Mentions

Extra Thanks to these people!

These people have been my best buddies since I joined the IFC.

  • @TaipeiGuru - You were probably the first proper friend I met on the IFC. You joined every single event I made starting from the very first one and have kept supporting me as I entered IFATC. Thanks for helping me build my initial confidence here on the community.
  • @Raidon23 @anon99845028 - I haven’t been IFATC for very long but your mini rivalry has always made me laugh over on the slack. Thanks for making me feel welcome on day one, and don’t worry, I’m sure Raidon will learn to land a plane properly one day ;)
  • @Claudio - Fellow Hong Konger, and almost IFC birthday buddies! Cheers man, thanks for being a great friend.
  • @Ecoops123 - Another great friend on the IFC, keep up your event making :)
  • @Vinne - AKA DutchPilot1; what can I say man, another fellow (half) Hong Konger, you’ve been my best group flight buddy for these past few months. Thank you so much for the fond memories we have together, and take care wherever IF or your future career may take you!

Before I leave, here are some pics from the final flight I did from LFPG-RCTP with @Vinne during the FNF last week, in none other than the sleek Infinite Flight A350 (Definitely going to miss that!). All pics are vanilla and unedited, though I did mess with the time alot to get the best colours.

Spawned at the gate, planning the route. Interesting traffic dotted around.

Cleared for takeoff! Hello fellow cathay in the background :)

Banking out of 26R, climbing FL330.

Cruising (I'm probably sleeping at this point, and so are the passengers)

Goooood morning! Overflying my home VHHH

Final approach, runway 05L at Taipei. Vinne beat me there!

Two best buddies, parked in for the night...

It’s safe to say the my journey with Infinite Flight has been nothing but happy memories ever since I joined. I would like to say my final utmost thanks to everyone here for catapulting my love for flight simming and aviation, I hope to see some of you in the virtual skies again soon…

(I know youre not supposed to sign off, but just this time) -
~Justin W, AKA 8SmartFlying

I am very tired; please excuse me for any minor typos, it’s a very long post. Thank you!


Hope to see you in turn next chapter! Or at least stick around here!

… I may have been doing something… 🤦‍♂️😂

I can reassure you this wasn’t Intentional…

I blocked the map becuase it literally shows my exact location.

I’m happy and definitely suprised to be on your close list! I hope I have done something that has made you think of the world (or IF) in a different light, either way I’m honoured!


Glad you enjoyed your time here!

That was very heartwarming. I feel honored to be apart of that list as one of your closest friends.


It has been a great journey with u bro. I really enjoy controlling with you and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Stay cool, my friend. Hope you have a good future and I’ll always be here if you need someone to talk to. Good luck in the aviation world :)



Hope you can remember all moved memories in IF!Good luck to you!😊

Remember missing us!👋


Justin - thank you for being an incredible mate and group flight buddy over the recent times, it has been a pleasure flying with you and meeting you!

I really hope we can meet one day; in real life or have a flight together on VATSIM.


-Vinne ✌️🙃

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Good luck on the rest of your life and what comes your way.


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Although I’m not on your main list, I’m glad I could play a small part in making your IF experience the best it could be. It’s been great to fly with you in the virtual skies, and to talk on the IFC.

As the Vulcans (from Star Trek) always say, Live long and prosper, @8SmartFlying.


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Gonna miss you too bud:( @anon99845028 will prob still find reasons to debate with me when you are gone lol


Hope it was great! So long

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@8SmartFlying It was a pleasure to attend your events and witness the person you became – you went from a novice to a role model in such a short period of time. Always helpful, and a pretty d*** good controller too.

I hope we’ll see each other again in the IF skies, perhaps not in the near future but someday down the road. In the meantime, enjoy your time with VATSIM, and all the other PC simulators. Thank you for being such a great person!


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