Forever in Our Hearts: United 744 | RJAA - KSFO

The 747. The first widebody, the aircraft that made air travel available to the masses. Arguably the most recognizable and most beautiful aircraft of all time. United’s 747 flew from San Fransisco to Tokyo’s Narita international among other Asian destinations during her life. Thank you for your service. Rest In Peace, you will forever be remembered.

RJAA-KSFO, Flight Time 9:20. Server: Expert

Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard United Airlines flight 838, service to San Fransisco. Our expected flight time is about 9:15 minutes today, and we should be arriving around 9:30am local time in San Fransisco.

Rotating into the sunset 🤩

The view from the upper deck right after takeoff. Such powerful engines.

Oh, hi there!

Approaching the Californian coastline about 8.5 hours after leaving Tokyo.

Alright ladies and gentlemen we have now begun our descent, so at this time please take your seats, fasten your seatbelts, make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright positions. Please also stow all carry on baggage either underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin and make sure that the isles and exits are clear. Thanks you
Banking to begin our approach into San Fran.

Nearing the San Mateo bridge crossing the bay. Since all SFO arrivals are at 28 L&R, the views from the bridge are incredible!

Touchdown. However, all the butter was sold out, so your going to have to make do with margarine. (-445 fmp)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to San Fransisco. It has been an honor to serve you all today, and thank you for flying United. We hope to see you onboard again very soon.

Yes, I changed the time in one or two shots because it was waaaay to dark to see anything.

Have you ever flown on the 747 in real life?

  • Yes, I’ve flown on the 747
  • No, I have not flown in the 747

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In response to the pie chart poll, I have flown on the QOTS. BA66/BA69 were both served by 747-4’s

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Such a beautiful plane. So sad she’s being retired

Savage. Interesting camera angles there - but nice photos!

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When you say interesting, what does that mean…

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As in slightly unusual…

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Which ones? The head on shot?

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The upper deck wing shot for example…

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Feel like making this lol


Ahh. Well, there isn’t an upper deck view on any aircraft in IF, and it’s one of the most beautiful angles in my opinion. And I though it looked cool with the sun right behind the wing. The upper deck also shows more of the wing which is cool

@GameBoy_KIRB It’s beautiful 😢😢

Infinite flight or real life? IF yes all the time, real life no but I was going to on a trip but i had to cancel it due to the corona virus.

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@Jack_Q I meant in real life. I’ll go change that to make it more clear😃

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Great shots! No joke, that I actually flew the United 744 on KSFO - RJAA! Was a memorable flight for sure.

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Thanks! I never got the chance to fly on United’s queen, but I’ve been on Lufthansa’s four time before. When was the flight from SFO to Narita, and what made it so memorable if you don’t mind me asking?

To be honest, I don’t remember the year (probably about 6+ years ago) or much about the flight because I was young. Now looking back, it was a once in a lifetime flight that I wish I could experience again.

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The 747 is an incredible aircraft, no one can deny that!


Lol even my mom who knows nothing about aviation knows what the 747 is😂

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Yes, it is for sure iconic and one of a kind. It’s a bummer that it has gone out of style and is no longer “efficient” for airlines.

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Yeah. It’s also just way too big for most airlines to make it profitable. They don’t understand that we like it more than the A330neo and all that new stuff. The 747-8 is possibly one of my favorite airplanes.