Hey does my iPad and phone have to be on the same Wi-Fi to connect to ForeFlight?

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Yes, both devices have to be on the same network. Also make sure you enable the ForeFlight link option in Infinite Flight’s settings. (Settings → General)

If I used my hotspot from my phone would it work?

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I doubt it will. I think both devices have to be used on a WiFi network or a hotspot that isn’t being sourced by either the phone or ipad being used to link.

Try it, doesn’t hurt

If you have 2 iPads on hotspot with your phone, the foreflight connection with Infinite Flight does indeed work 🙂 I’ve done it many times.

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I’m using my phone hotspot but I still don’t see infinite flight popping up on for flight on my phone.

So I have infinite flight on my iPad and ForeFlight on my phone. I’m using my phones hotspot.