Hey Guys,
I’ve been using infinite flight for quite a while now and also tried to connect my fore flight to it. The connection runs well and even the Traffic alert works flawlessly. However, I was wondering if there is a better way to import my FPL from fore flight with the real procedures into infinite flight. Right now I am just searching for the way points and connect them.
Happy for any tips :)))

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I don’t use ForeFlight, so I’m not 100% sure on this but I have seen a few tutorials and I think you just go to FPL > tap on the share button > share FPL file and then I think you can export the flight plan from there into infinite flight. Again, not 100% sure since I don’t use foreflight

Hello, what devices do you use Infinite Flight and ForeFlight on?

I use Foreflight on my iPhone and fore flight on the iPad

You can use airdrop to transfer your flight plan easily.

Make sure both devices have Airdrop turned on. In ForeFlight, once you’ve made your flightplan, tap the export button at the bottom of the flightplanning interface > Share FPL File > Airdrop > Select your device running Infinite Flight. You should receive an alert on the Infinite Flight device that you have an airdrop incoming. Accept that > Open in Infinite Flight > Either add or replace.


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