I apologize if there is already a topic asking this question, I have looked everywhere and I don’t seem to see one but if there is i’m sorry.

Anyways, to use ForeFlight do you need to pay or can you use it without a subscription?

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I believe you can have a free trial, after that you must pay a subscription

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ForeFlight has a 30 day free trial, but after that, you’ll have to pay a quite substantial price for the subscription. If you’re looking to use it solely for Infinite Flight, it’s not worth it at all. ForeFlight is for real-world flying, and if you don’t really have a use for it outside of IF, save your money. Just my two-cents.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah I wasn’t planning on using it for Infinite Flight if you had to pay as It seems to be pretty expensive. Any idea how to cancel the free trial?

Thanks for helping!

Are you with apple or android?

Check out this link on ForeFlight’s website about cancelling your free trial. The same process for cancelling your subscription should apply for cancelling the trial.

If you didn’t purchase it through the ForeFlight website, but rather on iOS or Android, go into the respective app stores and cancel it there.

On iOS, go into the App Store, tap your profile on the top right corner, then subscriptions, then go to ForeFlight, where you should see an option saying “Cancel Free Trial.” I’m not sure how it works on Android, however.


I am with Apple

Thank you so much!

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