Hi I saw that forflight is able to be connected to IF so I was wondering how to connect on the foreflight side. I already did all the steps on the IF side. Thanks


Have you seen this?


Hey great question Andrew and Welcome to the Community! The link Thomas pointed out above is the best thing you can do. Make sure you go into the ForeFlight app and select Infinite Flight as your device. Also be sure to have “enable ForeFlight connect” in the Infinite Flight settings. ForeFlight is awesome with IF!

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Welcome to the community Andrew! Here are the steps to connect both sides:

Infinite Flight Settings:

  1. Enable ForeFlight Link

ForeFlight Settings:

  1. From “Devices”, tap the Infinite Flight title
  2. Use the “Enable” toggle to use Infinite Flight as the GPS and ARHS source

You should be all set! For more information see Infinite Flight ForeFlight Link.


Welcome! To the question, no idea, but welcome!

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Where to download foreflight? Is it available on the app store?


@Antonio_Tiong_III Indeed, it is. You can find it on your respective App Store.

Hey Antonio!
First, welcome to the community! Be Sure to check this out to see how the community works!

ForeFlight is a paid service that most pilot use for navigation, charts, flight planning, weather, and more! It is a very awesome service. You can view their website here.

They offer apps, desktop apps, websites, and mobile web use!

There are many plans or every type of pilot out there. Take a look at their plans/pricing here

Let me know if you have any questions. I love ForeFlight and would be happy to help :)

I also have the same issue. I enabled ForeFlight Link on the IF side, but it does not show Infinite Flight as a device in the ForeFlight app.

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