Hello all pilots! I have a doubt that I want you help me clarify! I have my Infinite Flight linked to ForeFlight so I can track my flight directly from ForeFlight and be able to see much more in-flight details. When I tap the option on ForeFlight to show me the wind speed and direction, is the same to the one that I have in my Infinite flight. Is that coincidence or is it really connected to give real life winds that appears on ForeFlight?

Thank you for your help and support.

Test Flight 1102.

Yes we do use irl winds

Meaning of irl?

In real life *

It means in real life

The winds that you see in Foreflight and Infinite Flight should be the same, if not, really close to one another. Infinite Flight pulls real world weather data for wind speed and direction from all around the world. If what you’re seeing in ForeFlight is similar to Infinite Flight then you’re doing things correctly. If the winds read differently and by a lot, then either Infinite Flight or ForeFlight’s data retrieval systems or the system itself may be experiencing an issue.

Yes, Infinite Flight uses real-world weather data. For example, if there’s a hurricane somewhere in the world and you fly there in Infinite Flight, you should expect the same conditions in real life.

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