I am wondering if I am able to run foreflight on my ipad pro and fly with an android tablet?

Will that work or do I have to use two ios devices.

It works with two devices.

With one though, I’m not so sure…

No I mean if I run foreflight on an iPad, and use an android device to fly, would it work.

It should w.ork

Really? Sweet then I’m going to buy it.

You understand the yearly subscription price is not designed for casual use, right? If you have the money, great, but it’s meant as a professional EFB, and is priced as such.

(Anyway, to connect, connect the devices via Bluetooth. The IF device will be the “GPS Bluetooth device” for ForeFlight on the second device.)


It would be cool if they release year old chart for simulator with lower price point. They can mark the chart “flight sim use only”.

That’s ok, I’m a rw student pilot anyways. Thanks guys.

Cool, then. Let me know if you can’t get it to work. I’ve used it on a mix of OP. systems without issue.

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Tim, I got it to work. This add on is amazing. Very detailed, I wish I had heard about this 2 years ago when I started at Infinite Flight.

Cant imagine how many Infinite Flight members and or real world pilots dont know about this.


How did you miss this video in the old days! Most of us first time saw the infinite flight run on PC too, there was lot of topic about PC version in those days :)

Oh sorry look like you didn’t join community in those days.

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PC version?


There is no PC version, devs always said they aren’t planning to go on another platform. They use one for testing/developing purpose. You can run with bluestack on PC, if you don’t know what is bluestack, google it :) …hope we don’t hear you didn’t know about bluestack after 4yrs ;)

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