I have a iPhone 7 and if i have a galaxy tab 6.0 and if I buy it on my tablet can I connect

You should be able to if you follow the steps

Don’t think it matters what type of device it’s on. It should work

Can someone send me a link or something of the steps

Do I need wires or anything cause first I don’t have a computer

First of all, you need these two open. I haven’t used it with IF in a while, so if someone could fill in for me, that would help a lot.

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It helps to have both of them ticked to it is enabled

Ok thx so the moderators can not close it I hopefully will get it today and I can’t comeback in case

No. It will not work on anything other than iOS. If you purchase it solely to use it on the tablet it will not work as it is not built for Android products. It will only work on your iPhone.


Ok so can I download on my phone and use it on my phone

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Yes. But you will be unable to fly Infinite Flight and use Foreflight on the same device. You need 2 separate compatible devices for it to work. We do not want folks exiting the app once they’ve begun their flight.

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K thx you can now close it thx everyone

Have a look at this:

Slartibartfast1 is on the Pilot Support Team with ForeFlight. Below you’ll find some of his responses regarding the trial period as well as other helpful information. 🙂

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