should this be in Real world Aviation? I personally do NOT think that fore flight is worth it for just Infinite flight as it is $200 per year. But does or did anyone use it during their Instrument rating training and do you think it is worth it? I am going back and fourth on whether to get it for that or not.
EDIT: My main question, is fore flight worth it for the instrument training?

No, Foreflight is an app mainly used for irl flying, with map planning etc. however if you want to add realism to IF, you may find it to be useful, but personally I don’t think it is worth to buy just for IF.


In my opinions, foreflight is not worth it. It is expensive and you really don’t use it that much. It makes IF more realistic, but it doesn’t make your life realistic when you see you’re paying $200 every year!
If the price is not something important to you (IK it sounds stupid cuz price is important), sure why not!
Always check what the app does for you and how much the price is. Foreflight is more for people who play sims 24/7 or need to learn flying. If you fly for fun, like me, don’t buy it.

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Please read this carefully again. I will help you by saying this topic belongs to #real-world-aviation

Ahh I apologize, you know you don’t have to be so rude, a simple correction of my statement would have sufficed. Looks like you need an app to learn manners first.


yes I kinda figured hence I already put it there

hi. Can you please re read the question I’m asking? I’m asking is it worth it for your instrument training cause I’ll be starting instrument training soon

Considering it has information like up to date IFR charts, I’d argue it’s more useful for people in instrument training and flying IFR than anyone.

Have you ever used with your private pilots license? Lots of private pilots use the app with lots of things. Are you familiar with it?


As someone who uses ForeFlight on a daily basis, I can give good feedback. ForeFlight is an application that real world pilots use to help navigate, pull up charts, frequencies, and other things. It is quite expensive ranging from 99USD to 200 plus USD for the best package. If anyone is starting or started Flight training then it is worth it totally (and would personally start with the 99USD package) and then once I’m get more into complex flying (instrument flying) get the upgraded packages. Even though ForeFlight is a great application, it isn’t worth it if you are just a simulator enthusiast. It is expensive and can be hard to set up with IF and ForeFlight…(it took me a while to set it up).

Blue Skies and A Tailwind,


ForeFlight alone won’t help with instrument training, other then providing chart data. If your already a private pilot I’m surprised you don’t have something similar already. I have the pro sub, and am going thru instrument rating currently. Myself and my instructor turn off geo referencing for approaches. So a pro sub isn’t necessary.


No never used it cause it was too expensive and my instructor said it wasn’t necessary

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Wow. Ive never heard that ever before. It’s such a great tool. How did you plan all of your cross countries and stuff


Lol I did all mine with paper charts while training. It’s good to know how to do it the other way if all else fails.


my teacher had me used paper. He’s old schooled but he said you might want to consider using fore flight for instrument.

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Foreflight is an absolutely amazing resource to have, I use mine anytime I fly. And isn’t worth 200 a year? YES, now for infinite flight no. If you only use it for infinite flight I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

Good for you for planning your cross country flights on paper!

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What does it all include?

Whatever you need lol literally

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Quick question, Is there a way to use ForeFlight without being charged? I have had the app for a bit now and it has never charged me or asked me to put in payment information of any kind.

Think there’s a trial period.