ForeFlight whilst a passenger

If I were to use ForeFlight while flying as a passenger and wanted to file a flight plan, what type would it be VFR or IFR?

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It depends. You can file both kind on foreflight.


Will IFR get me in trouble? Or Should I not worry about this?

For real world use? I am confuse on why you would want to file a flight plan as a passenger.

Real world, flying as a passenger.

Why would you need to file a flight plan? Only the pilots need to

So I should just put the route in the search bar and be good to go right?

Yeah. If you are a passenger and know the route

👍 Thanks man

Yep. No problem. Let me know if you need anything else.

If you will not be acting as a pilot you should never file a flight plan. Flight plans are used by ATC as well as search and rescue crews.


You can’t file a flight plan without credentials. (If you try, it takes you to a login) FAA doesn’t like that much.

You can however find the flight plan on FightAware and follow along in ForeFlight (View in ForeFlight) without interfering with aviation operations.

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