foreflight Vs navigraph

I think the title says it all. I know you can track your flight live on foreflight, not on navigraph, but the former I think is also more expensive.


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They are 2 different things I think. Navigraph is an application that provides charts, while foreflight is more of an integrated during flight system with weather, charts, etc.

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Well, Navigraph can also provide moving map. But you’re right, no weather or terrain or some such…

ForeFlight is designed for use by RWA pilots, and is priced as such. It’s fantastic, but, yes, mostly cost-prohibitive for sim use, unless you have a lot of discretionary income, in which case, good for you. (Charts for the US and its territories are included with the subscriptions, but charts for the various regions are each also hundreds of dollars a year, which puts you about a marathon-length-distance ahead of NaviGraph price-wise.)


Understood, yeah, in truth, the pricing is completely bonkers. Thanks

Navigraph is also mostly used by, and only intended for, people who want a better and more realistic experience by having updated Nav data on their computer simulator, such as X-Plane, as the default data is from more that a year ago. That’s why, if you only use IF, the “FMS Data” option for purchase available from Navigraph, is completely useless, as IF always has up-to-date AIRAC Cycles.

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