Foreflight subscription

Which subscription do I have to purchase to use ForeFlight with Infinite Flight? I want to use it as it seems helpful, but all the options are pretty pricey, is there a coupon code Infinite Flight has or can I pay month to month instead of yearly?

ForeFlight is unfortunately quite expensive, since it’s used for real-world flying. If you wish to get it just for Infinite Flight, I would not recommend that due to its pricey nature.


it’s really expensive not worth it

unless u use it for irl flying

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Yea maybe when I get more money, I’ll purchase it but it’s too expensive for me. I’ll probably go with the 3 month choice since that looks like it’s cheapest. Thanks for the quick response!

To summarize, a ForeFlight subscription is not required to use Infinite Flight. ForeFlight is a 3rd party tool for advanced users and/or those who already have it as part of their pilot toolkit.