ForeFlight subscription question

Do you have to purchase a Foreflight subscription in order to file a FPL and follow it and such?

By file a FPL, you mean in Infinite Flight, correct? Do not file a FPL in ForeFlight, for use in a simulator.

If you file a FPL in ForeFlight it will not transfer to Infinite Flight.

You could file just don’t activate it 😜


I just meant like how in the IF tutorial video I watched, you could like follow along your flight and stuff. I tried and it just shows my plane location and altitude and speed. In the video it showed like cool 3D scenery and it showed your path and destinations and stuff.


If you’re talking about the feature on the left, then that is Synthetic Vision. It comes with their Pro Plus ($199/yr) subscription.

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Ahh ok thanks. Sorry I have no idea😂. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the help!!

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