ForeFlight question

Hi there, i just saw the Flight Plan Sharing Work-In-Progress with ForeFlight.

I was wondering how much does the Foreflight subscription costs and how to set it up.

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Here are some of the plans they have. So by no means is it cheap.

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What subscription plan do you suggest me for infinite Flight? Are there any discounts? It sounds quite expensive.

I would not recommend getting ForeFlight for the sole purpose of Infinite Flight. ForeFlight is an aviators application that is used in the real world. Flight simulators make up a very small percentage of its use. If you’re in flight training or looking to begin flight training very soon, then I’d recommend getting ForeFlight. But if you’re not, then it would be a waste of your money.


Alright. I’ll consider buying in the future it because i will start flight training. But not anytime soon. Thanks Matt for the explanation, have a great day!

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No worries! Anything to help someone from spending $200+ on a subscription that you won’t be able to use to its fullest potential.

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Yeah, you are a life saver hahah.

i wish they would allow a month to month subscription…

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