ForeFlight Question

I have a question. I just got foreflight and I am trying to connect to Infinite Flight. But it’s not working can someone help me please @schyllberg, @Chris_S


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Check out this tutorial, it may be helpful!

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I already watched it

Describe “its not working”. This can mean anything from its not turning on, it doesnt show my flight, its upside down, etc. Does Infinite Flight show in the devices menu?

Please note that we cannot support you on the FF or networking side. The same things that get people in trouble with Live Flight Connect can impact your ability to connect to ForeFlight.

  • ForeFlight and Infinite Flight need to be on the same network. If one is cellular and one is WIFI it will not work. Both need to be on the same Wifi.
  • Your network router’s firewall may be blocking it. We cannot troubleshoot network connections as each one is different. You need to talk to someone who can administer your network for more advanced troubleshooting.
  • You need to fly before you show up in FF.
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Okay it’s not connecting to Infinite Flight like it shows in the video you guys posted @Chris_S

And do I need it to be on a different device?

Yes. They both need to be running at the same time on separate devices.

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Okay that is the mistake I made thank you!

And you may now close this Thank You!