Foreflight packages

Hi all,

what Foreflight package would you recommend for the infinite flight use?


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To be totally honest, it is probably not necessary to pay the subscription price for ForeFlight if you only want to use it for Infinite Flight as it is intended for real-world use and Infinite Flight doesn’t have everything it is made for included in-app.


Do you mean you can use Foreflight without any subscription after the trial expires?

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No, to use ForeFlight, you must have an active subscription. What @MxP was saying is that if you are considering buying ForeFlight to be used exclusively with Infinite Flight, you should save your money.


Some people use IF Flightplan Tools it’s better then ForeFlight but I wouldn’t say that here’s the link ⬇️

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Thanks for the clarification. I love the feature is Foreflight where you can connect to IF and follow the route. Wish there will be cheaper tool with the same feature. Airmate can connect to flight sims but IF is not supported.

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If you want an app like for flight use skyvectors. It’s free but not as good.

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Thanks all… basically looking for some more detailed flight maps and real time weather information, like rain, clouds, storms, turbulences, etc. And stumbled over Foreflight. Any other tool or site you can recommend for that?

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