Foreflight on IF

I’ve seen many different topics about approach and departure paths. For those like myself that don’t necessarily have $100 to spend on an app such as foreflight that makes filing your fpl so much easier, I would love to see IF add real life approaches and departures pilots could choose while filing their fpl. I’m not sure if this would be something that would be hard to incorporate, I just know it would be pretty neat to have and add more realism to the game by having real life approaches and departures. I know people could just go online and look up approach plates but it would just be cool having something like that already incorporated into the sim.

Please leave any thoughts below
Thanks :)

They will be here in the future. So patience…

ForeFlight is a third-party app, so they are not associated with IF.


You mean something like this?

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SID/STARs have already been requested.