ForeFlight not connecting since 21.6 hotfix

Hallelujah! Thanks again brother! I will be updating as soon as it becomes available later today.

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Android hotfix is now available on the Google Play Store (21.06.03)


Oh ya!!! Good to hear, was about to make a topic but saw this! So glad to hear that the Devs are working on it and it isn’t just me!

Hope to see the IOS hotfix soon. Well done IF staff for getting on this so fast!!! 🥳


Quick update for iOS users: we’re still waiting for review from Apple. The fix is in their hands now and we hope we can get it out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience



iOS hotfix was finally approved! Check for 21.06.02 on the App Store and update to fix ForeFlight connection issues.

Thanks everyone for your patience the past few days while we waited for approval from Apple. Let us know if you have any more issues :)


I never had a problem with this actually but glad a Hotfix was approved. Any word on the fix for re-adding runway/threshold markers? 😁

Everything re working correctly between IF and Foreflight👍🙏 TNX


Hey I have a problem don’t know if it’s on my end but like I have enable the ForeFlight link and it still it’s not saying my device is there.

Do you have both devices connected to the same wifi?

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Yes they are

Did you start both applications on your devices at the same time?

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By start both at the same time do you mean start ForeFlight on my phone then Infinite flight on my iPad?

Yes, at the same time.

Yes do I have to spawn in on infinite flight?

Yes, spawn in either solo or live and the position of your aircraft will show up on the foreflight maps.

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Alright I got it thank you

Did it connect fine?

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Sorry for the late reply yes it worked

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