ForeFlight not connecting since 21.6 hotfix

Hi Foreflight has not been working since the hotfix has been pushed

I am
on seperate devices
local network is enabled on infinite flight and foreflight
both devices is on the same wifi network
both are on the latest update
both ipads are on the latest OS


Hello Tyler,

Whilst I don’t use Foreflight myself, I’ve found this tutorial created by Infinite Flight in regard to connecting Foreflight that might be of some assistance to you:

Fingers crossed this helps you out mate!

It has no help

That’s unfortunate then. As mentioned above, I haven’t used ForeFlight myself, so thought I would provide that tutorial incase it assisted you in any way.

I guess that it will be best to wait until a member comes along that is more experienced in these issues.

Sorry I couldn’t help you any further. Hopefully this issue is resolved soon!

Have a good day mate!

Hey @tyleraviator99, I’ll take a look at this on my end as it may be related to the hotfix. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime


Indeed, there is a small connection problem with ForeFlight following the V 21.06.01 update, the geolocation does not take place

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under the “devices” in fore flight is infinite flight showing up for you or no?

Same here! Not getting that.

Would love to get an update from @Cameron

I’m sure Cameron will provide an update when he is able to. Cameron is in the UK I believe, so it is just entering the morning there. Fingers crossed everyone experiencing the issue has it resolved soon!

No updates yet because it is the weekend. We will look as soon as we can :)


Appreciate it 🙏.Keep us updated as we’ll be eagerly waiting. Foreflight and infinite flight is the only thing that keeps me going.

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yes before the update it always worked correctly at the level of synchronization and Accuracy at 1m. Sometimes it happens that I have losses with the localization but I make do with it 😁


Wow great to know I am not alone with that. Everything worked perfectly fine until the hotfix came along. I then thought the problem might be on my end and went through some hastle, namely updating both my iPhone and iPad OS, deleting and reinstalling both IF and ForeFlight with no success. Deleting an reinstalling ForeFlight was especially painfull as all my settings and downloads were thrown into chaos. I also lost IFR maps I got through an earlier subscription but have no access to with my current one. Really unpleasant 🙄 And I lost my IF replays too on the way. At least I know now that it really is caused by the hotfix update. I hope it will be fixed soon.


foreflight was a pain for me as I needed to redownload everything too. Hoping for a hotfix soon too!


Whew…I should have come here before going through all of that pain! LOL I even sent a message to FF support…reinstalled the apps…and currently updating to ios 15 on the ipad that houses FF…but I will cool my buttons and let the process work


Same story as mine 😂



We have isolated the issue and fixed it. We’re preparing new hotfix builds to send off to the App Store and Play Store as soon as they are ready.

Thank you for your patience!


IF devs when a new bug rises

Thank you for the fix


Thanks!!! “As soon as they are ready”. Does that mean you guys are anticipating that the hotfix will be out in the next couple days?

I appreciate you guys fixing it up so fast.

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No worries, we definitely want to fix issues like these as soon as possible :)

We’ve just sent it off to Apple for app review now, this usually takes a day or two and it will be out as soon as it is approved. For Android, the update should come later today