ForeFlight - No supported devices connected

Maybe someone can help me with this.

I was able to connect two times and make it work, now I have been trying for two days and no luck.
InfiniteFlight on one iPad and ForeFlight on the other. I reinstalled both, IF & ForeFlight and nothing. ForeFlight shows “No supported devices connected”.
Infinite flight has the link checked for “Enable ForeFlight Link” still nothing.

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What I do is try restarting the device you use for IF first. Then reopen ForeFlight once you are spawned. This usually works for me.

Have you changed wifi or installed a VPN in these last two days?

I have try that several times yestarday and no change… but I have an update which I will post below.

No VPN installed.


  1. Last night, I wiped out and restored my iPad and set up as new, installed InfiniteFlight on it. Also on my other iPad, I removed ForeFlight and installed again. Could not make it work even tho they were running on the same network 5GHz.
  2. This morning, I did try to see if both will work and nothing worked.
  3. Next, I have set all devices to run on 2.4GHz network, started ForeFlight, started InfiniteFlight and BINGO!!! All are working with no problem.
    So I went step further, I shut/closed all OFF and repeated the process, ALL fired up with no problem.
  4. To make it more interesting since sometimes my one device may run on 5GHz while other is running on 2.4GHz… I made two iPads run on separate networks 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and they both communicated perfectly, so I did went back and put both back on one network 5GHz and restarted both applications again to see if all will work with no start up problems.
    Both are running fine and instantly connecting between InfiniteFlight and ForeFlight.
    Now InfiniteFlight icon shows up and stays connected with ForeFlight.
    Thank you very much and I hope this may help other person having similar issue.
    See you in the sky!
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Good to know! I’ll keep that in mind as well.

VPNs will disrupt the connection and some wifi won’t allow the connection. Hence why I asked. Glad all is well.

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